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COVID-19 Update CMS and Economic Impact Payments

April 22, 2020
Press Release
For Immediate Release Contact: Dr. Timla G. Washington
Updated: April 21, 2020 662-335-9003
Edition: CMS and Economic Impact Payments  

High Alert - Continue to Shelter In and Social Distance - High Alert
CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Response to Recovery

Democrats are still working to bring the kind of relief to Americans they need to get through the COVID-19 pandemic.  The legislation that we have already passed to support new and existing programs is constantly being challenged.  The Coronavirus is new and has forced us in many ways to re-adapt when we see it necessary to change the way we administer programs. 

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

To ensure America's health care facilities are prepared to respond to COVID-19, CMS has issued the attached Communicable Disease Reporting Requirements (CDRR).  These requirements are meant to meet the needs of the facility, patients in their care, and patient family members to ensure the highest standard of care.  To increase transparency in care CMS CDRR will now require nursing homes and facilities to keep residents' and their representatives up to date on the conditions inside the facility when it comes to such things as COVID-19 cases.  The CDRR also requires nursing homes to now report COVID-19 cases directly to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).  And the CDC will host an online reporting tool for nursing homes to upload data that will be used in the surveillance of their responses to COVID-19.  In turn, CMS will make this data available to the public.  These changes are effective immediately. 

IRS Stimulus Payments/Economic Impact Payments (EIP)

More than 80 million Americans have received their Economic Impact Payments (stimulus checks).  More payments are on the way.  But the roll out of those checks have not been without hang-ups and leading Americans to wondering if they are entitled to a stimulus check, where is their check, and when will their payment arrive whether by direct deposit or as check in the mail.  

  • Veterans will automatically receive EIP payments. This efforts comes as a result of the Treasury Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs taking steps to ensure eligible veterans don't miss their entitled EIP payments.  The eligibility determination for each veteran is on a case by case bases.  Some veterans such as those receiving Compensation and Pension (C&P) benefit payments are not required to take any action to receive their EIP payment.  Others maybe required to register through the "Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info" tool on the IRS website. Read more in the attached IR-2020-75, April 17, 2020 IRS News Release (COVID-19 and Veterans Economic Impact Payments)
  • Tools to Help Tax Payers get their EIP Payments are available through the IRS.  The "Get My Payment" allows taxpayers to input their direct deposit information into the IRS system to decrease the time it takes for them to receive a payment.  Taxpayers can also check daily to track their payment.  The IRS updates this system once daily, usually the night before.  The "Non-Filer: Enter Payment Info" allows Americans who are not required to file a tax return to submit basic information to questions which will help the IRS determine their eligibility so they can receive their EIP payments directly in their bank account.  
  • Economic Impact Payment (EIP) Frequently Asked Questions maybe able to provide answers some of your questions.  The IRS is constantly adding to and updating the EIP FAQ page.  Visit the EIP FAQ page to see if some of your questions can be answered.  
  • Get My Payment Frequently Asked Questions maybe able to answer questions you have about recieving your payment.  The IRS is constantly adding to and updating the Get My Payment FAQ page.  Visit the Get My Payment FAQ page to see if some of your questions can be answered. 

As news develops, I will continue to share it with you through my Congressional Website, Twitter, and Facebook.  However, if you have any questions, call Dr. Timla G. Washington, PhD, my Human Capital Developer for the Mississippi Second Congressional District by email or by phone at (662) 335-9003.


CMS COVID-19 Communiable Disease Reporting Requirements

IRS COVID-19 and Veterans Economic Impact Payments